YOU Are The Source of Your True Happiness

People, situations, & things can cause temporary happiness. But TRUE HAPPINESS; the deep down inside, nothing-can-take-this-away-from-me joy; MUST come from within. You can have it. I can help.

Are You in Search of Happiness?

In search of happiness

Stop looking for happiness and start creating it!

So many people are searching for happiness in all the wrong places. Oooohh, this sounds like a terrible personals ad:

Mid-life woman ISO life partner, a.k.a. Happiness, to grow old together. To pick me up when I’m down. To improve my self-esteem. To help me stop binging on comfort foods, etc.

See what I mean?

Finish this sentence: I’ll be happier when _____________________. Or how about this one: If I were happier, I would _______________________.

No matter what you answer, my response is, “I call B.S.” or as my youngest  would say, "I call shenanigans."

Because if you’re looking for happiness, I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t find it.

Happiness is not…

Happiness is not found in that new pair of shoes.

Happiness is not found in that pumpkin spice latte.

Happiness is not found on that tropical vacation.

Happiness is not even found in your incredible life partner.

So where DO we find happiness? That’s a trick question. Happiness is not found. IT IS CREATED!

Being happy does not come naturally to many people. Being cautious, on guard, and generally unhappy is basically hard-wired in our DNA. I discuss that topic in this post.

For others, well-meaning adults and role models, and society in general, have squeezed the happiness right out of us in the pursuit of success, money, and prestige. For still others, sometimes not-so-well-meaning adults have forced our happiness out by their cruel or deranged behavior.

And the truth of the matter is that things and other people can make us momentarily happy. But REAL happiness, joy, and fulfillment come from within. (I know how cliche that sounds but it’s true!) YOU are the true source of your true happiness.

So creating happiness is not only possible, it is often the only option. It can be done and I can help you. And it starts with making deliberate, intentional choices.

If you have been searching for happiness in all the wrong places up to now, you're in the right place. Check out some of my other blog posts and let me know what your biggest happiness hurdle is. Or find out your happiness spirit animal by taking this quiz. What do you have to lose except your unhappiness?

 And remember, 

YOU are the source of your true happiness! 
Dr. Jodie


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Dr. Jodie

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How Our Bean Pod Began

Hi! I'm Dr. Jodie, a retired chiropractor with a passion for helping women live happier lives. 

After I retired from practice, I wanted to use my knowledge and experience to continue to help people. I asked women what they needed help with most and was heartbroken to learn that far too many women are truly not happy. Or at least not as happy as they'd like to be or DESERVE to be. The good news is that I saw this as the perfect fit! 

You see, when I was in practice when someone asked how I was doing, I always answered, "Awesome!" And I meant it. This led patients to want more than just chiropractic adjustments - they wanted advice on mindset, well-being, and happiness. Or... how they could always be "awesome" too! ;) This blog is that more

I know many of the "secrets" to living a happier life. I have shared them with my patients in the past and now I'd like to share them with you. I want to help you to live a happier life. A life filled with true joy that no one can take away. Because you deserve to be happy and YOU are the source of your true happiness.

"If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving a new one."

Dolly Parton

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