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 YOU Are the source of your true happiness

People, situations, and things can make you happy. But TRUE HAPPINESS, the deep down inside, no-one-can-take-this-away-from-me joy, MUST come from within. And everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can have it. I can help.

Start Here: How Our Bean Pod Came To Be

Hi! I'm Dr. Jodie Bean, a retired chiropractor with a passion for helping women make intentional choices to live the life they choose. A life of holistic well-being and happiness. In my many years of practice when patients asked how I was doing, I always answered, “Awesome!” and I meant it. This led them to want more than just chiropractic adjustments: including advice on well-being, mindset, and happiness. This blog is that more…

After I retired I still wanted to help people so I decided to start a blog to reach as many people as possible. While deciding on the focus of my blog, I went through all the things that I am passionate about: healthy living, simplicity, gratitude, mindfulness, being joyful, and more. I asked lots of women what they struggled with and was heartbroken to hear that many women aren't happy, or at least not as happy as they'd like to be. 

I know many of the "secrets" to living a happier life. I have shared them with my patients in the past and now I'd like to share them with you. I want to help you to live a happier life. A life filled with true joy that no one can take away. Because you deserve to be happy and YOU are the source of your true happiness.

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