The Essential Oils Diet 

Making healthy diet changes involves more than not eating half a bag of potato chips in one sitting. Although, if this is a habit of yours, stopping that behavior is definitely a baby step in the right direction.


Fruits and veggies are important parts of making healthy diet changes.
Fruits and vegetables are the foundation for making healthy diet changes.


At the time that I wrote this post, if you followed me on social media you probably knew I was in the middle of a 60-day diet challenge – or at least that I was drinking a lot of smoothies for breakfast! Lol! 


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It’s technically called the Essential Oils Diet 60 Day Challenge. It’s based on The Essential Oils Diet book by Dr. Eric and Sabrina Zielinski and I am so honored to have been part of the original “test group” for the diet challenge.


The name does not do the diet or challenge justice though. While it can be used as a temporary detox diet or body reboot, it is better utilized as the basis for a long term (forever?) lifestyle change for better health. It’s about making those healthy diet changes and other changes for a healthier lifestyle.


Sometimes You Need Restriction


The challenge is a pretty restricted diet (think GAPS diet restrictions, if you know what that is) so it’s not for the faint of heart but it’s certainly doable. I know because I was one of many people doing it. And sometimes you NEED that restriction to get to where you need to be. I know I did!


So What Can You Eat?


The first 30 days are meat-free (except for some occasional wild-caught fish,) dairy-free, grain-free, caffeine-free, and sugar-free. Which led my friend to ask, “So what CAN you eat? Air and water?” She was joking but at first glance, it can seem that way.


The nice thing is that there are no limits to the amount of food as long as it’s approved food. Veggies, fruits, healthy fats, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, and limited amounts of wild-caught fish, rice, and quinoa are all fair game. And approved sweeteners include stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol.  


Eliminate the Typical Inflammation Triggers


Similar to how the GAPS diet eliminates foods to rule out food intolerances or allergies (that cause inflammation among other things) this diet works to eliminate the typical inflammation triggers (meat, dairy, grain, and sugar) and to reset the taste buds to not crave sweets.


By eliminating the inflammation and eating only healthy foods, it allows the gut to heal, hormones to begin to regulate, brain fog to lift, energy to be restored, stored fat to burn, and SO. MUCH. MORE.


So Where Do Essential Oils Come In?


The name is The Essential Oils Diet, so where do essential oils come in?


Dr. Zielinski (or Dr. Z as he is better known) and his wife, Sabrina, (Mama Z) are essential oil experts and are one of the main sources of my essential oil education when I first started learning about essential oils several years ago. I now consider them friends. Their use of essential oils (EOs) is based on science and is focused on using them safely.


The EOs are included in the actual diet (yes, taking them orally but SAFELY) and in recipes for a fat roll on, detox bath, muscle relaxers, and many other helpful applications. Trust me, Mama Z is the QUEEN of Essential Oils! (And an excellent cook which makes making those healthy diet changes easier with her recipes!)


It’s A Lifestyle Change


Okay, so now you’re thinking, “I just follow this diet and I’m good right?” Sorry! (You knew that was too good to be true, didn’t you?) It’s a lifestyle change and that includes exercise and drinking enough water. It’s all part of the bigger picture of better health.  


I mentioned several other healthy lifestyle changes in my post, 5 Steps toward a Less Toxic Life, which you can find here. 


Making healthy diet changes go hand-in-hand with exercise and drinking enough water for a healthier lifestyle.
A healthy lifestyle includes exercise and drinking enough water as well as making healthy diet changes.


My Results


While I couldn’t give you my end-results on this challenge when I first wrote this post because I wasn’t finished with it, I COULD tell you my face and hands were noticeably skinnier, my inflammation was gone and my fat rolls were starting to roll away.


My brain fog was gone, I felt better, and my energy was up! But my HAPPIEST result was that my hair (which had begun to fall out from hormone and thyroid issues and probably candida) STOPPED FALLING OUT! Woo Hoo! 😀


My hormones still have a long way to go because I ran them into the ground, even though I knew better, and ended up in adrenal fatigue. Because I’m human. And I didn’t listen to myself then. But I do (better anyway) now!


If you’re interested, you’ll be able to learn more about all that by following my blog. And I’m confident that my hormones will continue to improve.


Is The Essential Oils Diet For You?


So, is the Essential Oils Diet for you? I can’t answer that for you. Only you can decide. I can say that almost ALL of us would benefit by changing our lifestyles to be healthier and this diet will point you in the right direction. And whether you follow it completely, as I did in the challenge, or just adopt some of the principles, it WILL benefit you.


P.S. Not My Typical Blog Post


So this is not my typical blog post. While I will “review” products and services at times, I plan to focus on specific strategies that you can use to make intentional choices to live a life of holistic well-being and happiness.


This is just the avenue I’m using to start my diet in the right direction and I thought it might benefit some of you as well. Because making healthy diet changes IS an intentional choice!


I will post my final 60-day results when it’s over and link to future challenges. Tell me in the comments which would be the hardest thing for you to give up… meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, or grains? Or all of the above…




At the end of the 60 Day Challenge, I lost a total of 16 pounds and over 8″ on my body and went down one size in pants! I had remained in the fast track phase throughout the 60 days except for adding in a little organic poultry in the second month.


I am maintaining that loss through the lifestyle phase by avoiding foods that cause inflammation to me personally and minimizing red meats and minimal (“healthier”) sweets.


And exercising at least 4 days per week is now a priority of mine. I plan to return to the fast track phase periodically to reboot and boost my progress.


Being fit and healthy are big pieces of the happiness puzzle.


The Essential Oils Diet changed my life and put me back on track to being truly healthy once again! The Essential Oils Diet book is available in stores and can help change your life.


In the meantime, if you’d like the fast-track to foods that will help keep you happier, download my list of 12 Happy Foods below. 

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And Remember:

YOU Are The Source of Your True Happiness,

Dr. Jodie

Meet Dr. Jodie

Dr. Jodie

Dr. Jodie is a retired chiropractor with a passion for helping women live the happy lives they desire and deserve. 

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    1. You’re so welcome, Michelle! I’m glad you found it interesting. It’s a relatively new program – at least new to the general population. If you’re interested further you can read all about it in the book that’s linked above. 🙂

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